About the Iznik Foundation

Iznik Training and Education Foundation was established in September 1993 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Isil Akbaygil. The goal of the Foundation remains promoting the cultural and artistic values of the Iznik and the Iznik tile, to promote the existing potential and transfer to future generations the traditional Iznik Tile Art through education and training. 

16th century Iznik Tiles retain their top place in ceramic literature. Therefore, adapting the Iznik tile to today's technology without impairing the quality or aesthetics remains crucial. Since 1993, the primary goal of Iznik Training and Education Foundation's research has been the revival of the lost art of the Iznik Tile, supported by the TUBITAK, Istanbul University and the Istanbul Technical University. Successful applications are in great demand both domestically and internationally. 

Iznik tiles are produced with methods that stay true to the 16th century techniques; they are %100 hand-made and obtained through highly laborious work. Raw materials are sourced from in and around Iznik. As a result, conventional methods, classical art and technology of the Iznik tile was rediscovered and in fact much improved. 

Designs are prepared by a specially trained team of artists in Istanbul and production is made in Iznik. Through cooperation with various architects, interior decorators and designers, new values and design are constantly added to this collective art. The products offered for sale in our showroom in Istanbul are marketed with great success abroad.

Iznik Tiles and Ceramics
Based in the Netherlands, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics B.V. is a supplier of authentic handmade quartz tiles and tableware produced by our artisans in our ateliers in Iznik, Turkey. We offer our clients a wide variety of products, ranging from traditional Turkish to modern to fully customized designs. It is the European representative office of the Iznik Foundation (since 1993) based in Turkey.