The Seven Seals of IZNIK Foundation

The Iznik Foundation tiles have been created in the ateliers of the Foundation in Iznik. Quartz is the basic element of the Iznik Foundation tile and the colors are produced from minerals. Found after long and tedious researches the technique of 16th century Iznik is used for the production. The paste is handmade as well as the patterns that are hand drawn; colored and hand glazed. The Iznik tile is an eco-friendly product. There are 7 seals stamped on each tile is as proof of the item being our original product. All the patterns and designs belong to Iznik Foundation.

This sign proves that éIznik Foundation Tile/pottery" has been produced in accordance with ISO 9001 internationally recognized standarts for quality.
This precious tile/pottery, a great heritage from the Ottomans, is produced in conformity with the original formulas and seal symbolizes that your product is an Iznik Foundation artefact.
This Iznik item is a totally handmade work of art; every detail on it is made by a craftsman's hand.
All colours seen on this tile/pottery are mineral based and in-house produced specially by Iznik Foundation.
All materials used in the production of Iznik Foundation tiles/pottery are enviromental friendly.
Iznik Foundation's logo for energy and creativity.
The term "Ottoman Work" symbolizes aesthetic quality and everlasting. Your Iznik artefact is an Ottoman Work.

Authentic Iznik Foundation tiles/pottery have seven seals. Foundation product represents a high fidelity to tradition and to quality and is a heritage fort he future. All specific product, pattern and designs are copyrighted by Iznik Foundation.