Prof. Dr. Işıl Akbaygil

Işıl Akbaygil graduated from the University of Istanbul, Faculty of Economics in 1962 and in 1966 she began studies for her Doctorate degree in the same Faculty.Between 1966 – 1968 she has worked on the "Reorganization of Post Administration" in the London School of Economics. Attaining her title as Professor in 1980; she has held various positions in the University of Istanbul. She has directed the "Institute of Social Sciences " from 1986 till 1993. 

An international exhibition of ancient İznikware has been held in Istanbul in 1989; the "Year of İznik"- and the book "İznik" has been published through the efforts of Prof.Akbaygil. With the aim of reviving İznik art she established İznik Foundation in 1993 and the discovery of the original formula of İznik ware led way to production through long research. A symposium on İznik has been organized by Prof. Akbaygil in 2000 with the participation of international scholars drawing attention to the works of the İznik Foundation. 

Exhibitions and monuments with İznik tiles have made İznik Foundation world wide renown. The design department of Iznik Foundation besides the R&D department continues research and development of traditional İznik tiles which are being used as contemporary applications in architectural structures in many countries.